Importance of History

I have recently seen Les Misérables and I always forget what a moving musical it is, and the powerful message is portrays. The musical takes place in the 1800s in Paris when there are many uprisings due to an increasing pay gap and a decreasing working class. Over this Christmas break, I am going to be in Paris and having even just a little history behind a city can make such a visit even more meaningful. While I have been to Paris, my first visit was rushed and spontaneous, which was still an amazing experience. I am excited though to take a little more time before I go to understand more of the historical events that have happened in Paris such as the revolution in the 1700s, the uprisings in the 1800s depicted in Les Misérables, as well as the many important meetings and treaties that have been signed there.

On this trip to Europe, I will also be visiting Brussels, as well as Amsterdam. I am excited to know more about these cities in order to enjoy more than just the pretty buildings and structures.

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