Beginning the Process of Abroad

While I have been abroad on a short term trip, realizing that I will be gone for an entire semester is a little daunting. This will be an experience that I know I will absolutely love and will grow so much from, but I am beginning to realize that the trip is only in a few short weeks and I really haven’t prepared done anything for this trip yet (a part from getting my visa). Now that finals are over though, I now officially have time to really get excited and prepare for this trip. I feel that since I really haven’t done anything for this trip, I am more nervous about it than excited, but I know the more I do for it the more I will get excited for my adventures in Spain!

My Friend is actually getting back from Ireland this week and I know I she will give me great tips as she got to travel a ton on the weekends. I think she ended up going to around 10 different countries during her 3 month stay. Hopefully I will be able to top that!

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