English as a First Language

These past months, the friends I have hung out with are from other countries and they speak English extremely well. While their level of English is impressive, there are a couple of words and phrases that I always get asked about since I am the native English speaker in our group. It seems that I have turned into the human dictionary if they don’t know how to say something. I have always been excited to help, but after multiple questions I begin to get confused by my own language because I do not have to think about the basis of their questions. For example, trying to explain when to use good or well in a sentence. I don’t think I ever actually learned that in school but just from listening to my parents speak.

Also, I have found that foreigners make many of the same mistakes in English. One consistently being “Can you explain me this?”, which just needs a “to” and a little rearrangement. As I become more familiar with Spanish and have talked with my friends about this, most languages use similar orders that encourages the “explain me” mistake. There are many others, but I have found that is the main mistake I have noticed.

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