Fallas is basically a month long festival here in Valencia starting March 1st. It ends with the burning of the different statues that each small neighborhood makes. A short description of Fallas would include Mascleta, a type of firework that just makes sound, in the main square, fireworks being blown up in the street by children, and the Falleras walking around with a small band behind to announce their entrance. This festival was by far one of the most memorable events I went to.

With every passing day, the energy in the city increased exponentially. The final nights had 30 minute long firework shows, mini dancing clubs that were set up in tents on the streets, and the final of burning of the statues. This festivity and my experiences with it could take up pages and pages. The only thing I can compare it to in the US would be a mix of 4th of July, a state fair, and a Thanksgiving Day parade plus burning stuff. Even that description still doesn’t describe it because of the importance of religion and the traditional dresses that cost thousands of dollars worn in all of the events.

One of the neighborhood statues that was later burned.

Falleras giving roses to fill up Mary.


The main burning in the city center.

Fallas was a fun experience, but I must admit it was nice when it was over. With being woken up at 8 in the morning with our neighborhood’s Fallera’s march, staying up for night festivities, and the kid’s fireworks that would always sound like a shotgun even if you were expecting it, I was slightly relieved when March was over. I actually learned later that my roommates from Spain left for the weekend! All-in-all it was a great experience, and I would be down to come back and visit for the festival… but maybe not the whole month again jaja!

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