German Water Bottles

Waste in Germany is handled quite differently in the US, and especially Oklahoma. Granted there are many places in the US that are much more progressive when it comes to waste management, but I am most familiar with Oklahoma’s. With that being said most of my statements are based on those experiences.

My favorite and most genius waste-related system Germany has deals with its one-time use plastic and glass bottles. They actually have you to recycle these bottles and turn them into the proper disposal locations. This is possible by up charging the bottles at the beginning of the purchase. So instead of a €1 bottle is it €1.25. The .25 is then credited back to you when you return the bottle to its proper recycling channels by means of vouchers to grocery stores. This not only helps proper recycling but provides a small way the homeless can get money especially after big street parties. A large bulk of trash is cleaned up and returned to vouchers for food. I think this program would be extremely beneficial and successful in the US and in Oklahoma.

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