¿Hablas Español?

Coming to Europe I knew that English was the most learned language, but I did not realize how many people really knew it. In every country I have traveled, English was a requirement in school – or at least seemed like it because of the level of their language. While I could usually find someone who spoke English in the different countries, I started to notice the difference between those countries and Spain.

I feel as if the majority of Spanish people do not know much English at all. I guess I expected that coming over, but in my intensive language course I took at the beginning, everyone spoke fluent English. It might just be my region of Spain, but I can only count a few people who could have a simple conversation in English. While that has been my observation so far, I know my conclusion about this can be very wrong since I am sure everything is extremely subject to region. I just found the level of language in different areas an interesting topic especially in comparison to the US when barely anyone I know learns another language in school.

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