While food is extremely important in the Spanish culture, I would say drinks are just as important. Now here is my short list of some of my favorite drinks in Spain. I know I have missed some for sure, but here they are:

Sangria is probably the most typical Spanish drink you hear about, and I must admit it is for good reason. You can find it on any menu and there are plenty of options in grocery stores to choose from. If you don’t know, Sangria is red wine mixed with fruit juice, and in summer often provides a great refreshing drink in the hot weather.


With my tostada I usually have a cortado. A cortado is an expresso shot with a little bit of hot milk poured on top. My taste in coffee changed over the months I was in Spain and this is what I landed upon. I cannot drink really sweet coffee or a lot of coffee now. Even a small caramel macchiato from Starbucks is usually too much for me to drink, so this caffeine packed small drink was perfect because it is not sweet or harsh due to the small milk and can be finished in probably 5 or 6 sips.

Gin and Tonic is strangely a very popular drink here. Or maybe it’s just more of an unexpected popular drink to me because in the plaza near my apartment, there are 2 bars that have half their menu dedicated to the drink. I am very thankful for that as that was one of my favorite drinks before coming here. In one of the bars, they have a list of all the different gins and all the different tonics they have and you choose which ones you want. It is great!

Tinto de Verano is not as well known around the world as sangria for a typical Spanish drink, but it is still extremely popular in Spain. This drink consists of red wine and sprite or a sprite like drink. In my book, tinto de verano beats sangria by a long shot. It is usually not as sweet as sangria but is still a great drink in the summer. This was sold at one of my favorite restaurants in Spain, and I would always get it when I was there.

Finally, something I have loved in Spain was there orange juice. Oranges are grown in Spain, so they are extremely fresh. In the Mercadonas, they have an orange juice machine that squeezes it for you right then and there. Normally orange juice is not my favorite thing, but it is impossible not to like it when it is that fresh.

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