Study Abroad Meeting

During my study abroad meeting, we learned all about the basic need to know about going abroad. It was actually very similar to the slide show that I constructed when I was an intern for the OUA program, so much of the information was review since I had stared at those slides for hours last fall! But it was definitely good to review that information as it was slightly different than the info in the OUA slides that I helped with. At the end of the meeting, students that had either studied abroad or were international students from that area came to give information to the new people who were going to the same places advise and answer questions about the programs or areas. There was no one for my school in Spain since I am the first person from OU going, and I guess my friend I meet at OU Cousins didn’t get the memo! I am excited though because hopefully other OU students after me will go to this program and I can answer any of their questions that I am still trying to figure out!

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