Another experience I had was a christening while I was in Germany. This again is a tradition in Catholicism that isn’t common in the religion in which I grew up. I enjoyed being exposed to this new experience even if I, again, couldn’t understand everything that was happening. The christening followed the catholic service, and the family of the child being christened stay behind. There was another small sermon (that I didn’t understand), and then the priest poured water over the baby’s forehead that signified the giving of her name. Later after the ceremony, I was asked about my christening and how it was different in the US. They were confused to find out that I never had one as a child. Their response was “How did you get your name then?” It is funny how things can be so normal to one family and so foreign to another.

After the taufe (German for christening), lunch was provided, and I got to have apfel wein (apple wine), snitzel, and sauce that is directly translated as “green sauce”. The creativity of the German language never fails… Just kidding..kinda, but I must say that German is the most direct/descriptive language I have come across thus far. But anyway, the lunch and celebration were great, and I am so happy I got to be exposed to this new experience.

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