Italia 10

Today we went around Arezzo and learned some of the history and styles we have been walking past ever since we got here. We went to a church that I had walked by so many times and Kirk pointed out the different qualities of present as they came about. The first church had different columns out front which was more common in earlier styles. The next church we went to was the main Cathedral in Arezzo and apparently it was funded greatly by a pope and he was buried there. It was really funny to me when Kirk talked about the madonna and Jesus baby inside this room because when Preston and I went earlier in the week we talked about how it looked like a creepy man child, and Kirk made a comment along those lines. After that church we went into another in a little square that I had not noticed. The church was extremely old and there were remanence of when men and women were separated during church in the earlier days. We also learned that there is a black market for art that has been stolen from churches which is weird to think about. After the walking tour we all went back to the hotel and started to work on our papers and then we went to OUA and met with Dean Ray for our class. We talked about Italian government in the past and present and how it could easily be a future for America with the examples of debt, corrupt government, and unemployment. While the set up of government between The United States and Italy it different, the problems that Italy is facing can easily be related to America.

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