Italia 6


Today we we had a free day to do what every we wanted and a group of us went to Pisa. The train station was confusing and I am glad I was there with other people because I would not have validated my ticket and would have gotten in trouble. On the first train ride, a women came up to me and gave us a piece of paper and I was trying to read it but she came back and was expecting money. Whoops shouldn’t have touched it. Once we got to Pisa and found the tower, we took the typical tourist pics. We walked around and looked at the church next to it. I loved seeing the architecture used in the buildings and style in which they were all built. It is amazing to me that these churches are so old yet so grand and that there is so much embellishment on the buildings. I definitely made the right choice visiting Pisa!


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  1. I remember visiting Pisa when I wasn’t much older than you. I have a very fun picture of me standing in front of the tower and it was really crooked even 33 years ago. Love ya!

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