Italia 7

The visit to Cortona today was amazing. We got off the train and walked up to a viewing spot and it was gorgeous. After we were on our own and Abby and I decided to walk to the very top. The top was so far away so Abby and I took random breaks by what looked like little alters so people didn’t know we were out of shape.
We finally made it to the top and we looked at the amazing view and went into the church there. There was a cloth that was said to be the cloth Jesus was wrapped in but since then it has been proven other wise, but it is still cool to get to see something like that. After, we went even further up and toured a castle that was there. It was so beautiful and there was a wall that went around a courtyard and we all got up on that. On the way out we saw the irrigation system and the water was oddly clear in the castle. It was cool to see how they stored water in ancient times. We went to a restaurant after we came down and I had gnocchi and it was pretty good. The lady put bread on our table and we asked if it was included and she said yes so we ate it and then she charged us a euro for each piece of bread.. boo.  After lunch we went into a shop and I got an apron and a couple of other things, and then we headed back to Arezzo. It was an eventful day!

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